Welcome to Kongwang Mountain! Climb the mystical Kongwang Mountain to find Confucius footsteps. See the magic cliff carvings to appreciate the Qin and Han culture. Kongwang Mountain, named for Confucius climb to see the sea, is a famous national 4A scenic spot and a national key cultural relic’s protection unit. Kongwang Mountain, 4 kilometers away from the urban area, 123 meters above the sea level, is one of the most profound places for accumulation of history and ... MORE

Culture Of The Area

Master Sculptor Qian Shaowu Thinks Kongwang Mountain Reflected Chinese Highest Art Pursuit

In 2014, China's famous sculptor Qian Shaowu come to Lianyungang to study Kongwang Mountain sculptures. He repeatedly praised the exquisite statues of Han Dynasty, "Kongwang carvings are China's largest statues of Han Dy…MORE

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