Welcome to Kongwang Mountain!

Climb the mystical Kongwang Mountain to find Confucius footsteps.

See the magic cliff carvings to appreciate the Qin and Han culture.

Kongwang Mountain, named for Confucius climb to see the sea, is a famous national 4A scenic spot and a national key cultural relic’s protection unit. Kongwang Mountain, 4 kilometers away from the urban area, 123 meters above the sea level, is one of the most profound places for accumulation of history and culture in Lianyungang. There are wonderful scenes here like Long cave temple, inscriptions on stone like cup and ink stone, Chengcha pavilion and the first Buddha in ancient China. Buddhist grottoes in Kongwang Mountain known as the treasure of china are even 300 years earlier than those in Dun Huang. Nirvana, the prince sacrifices himself to feed tiger, human tower and other acrobatics in the pictures are varied and vivid, with a strong color of Buddhism. The Long cave temple to the east of mountain was built in the Tang Dynasty, formerly known as Long Xing Temple. Ancient trees planted in the Tang and Song Dynasties merged with the red temple makes the mountain in glorified. The snow sightseeing event in the cave that organized once a year, has a long history of more than 1 thousand years and is desired by tourists from far and near. 

The wonderful long cave, beautiful legends and historic celebrities and relics, are known as the seventy-first blessed holy mountain in Hua Xia area which enjoys good reputation at home and abroad.

Kongwang Mountain is a famous, holy and supernatural mountain. Tourists often lost themselves in this beautiful scenery. Ancient literati were inspired to create soul-stirring and beautiful poems. History experts, applied themselves to its long term history, let the footprints of human civilization clearly to be seen.

Kongwang Mountain belongs to China, to the world and to each landscape and nature lover. Welcome often to Kongwang Mountain, to the ancient city of Haizhou, and to Lianyungang.

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